What Bothers Me About Corporate Shooters

We’ve been doing corporate video production work for several years now. These projects have ranged from training videos to commercials, to instructional videos to funeral home testimonials.


Unfortunately, one thing I have noticed about these corporate shoots is a lot of crew members not giving a fuck. As you know, I’m half owner of RCR Video, but sometimes I get hired just to shoot, and the rest of the crew is hired by the company hiring me. It’s crazy to me to hear some crew members say things like, “It’s a (client) shoot, who cares,” or “they’re making (x amount of dollars), this shoot is a tax write off.”


This infuriates me. Unlike many of my “corporate shooter” colleagues, I see this as an opportunity to really deliver. It is unfortunate that sometime corporate clients have so many layers of approval that by the time you get to who matters, they don’t even pay attention to the work. But this is what drives me. I want to make that corporate executive who sits in his corner office of the prominent sky rise run to his team in disbelief of what we just delivered.


Just because a corporation has the big money doesn’t give video production companies the right to half ass the shoot. Too many production companies see corporate gigs as just the “bread and butter.” Another paycheck to collect. The setups become routine and the structure of the video is so monotonous it doesn’t take any talent. Honestly, when I see the client being used as an excuse to half ass the shoot it makes me want to punch those crew members in the face. I’ve been hassled about paying so much attention to detail, and every little light streak, on corporate shoots. People have tried to convince me that we are finishing in 720p so it doesn’t matter. Or that we are shooting 3 projects in one day on a one day rate, so let’s show them by half assing. It’s so ridiculous to me. These corporations have suffered, sacrificed and given up tons of money to get to where they are at. I respect that. As someone building a production company, it excites me to know we have the opportunity to blow someone away, even the ones who have it all.


We tell stories. We create an art that they cannot, that’s why they hire us….the professionals. So act like it. Shut up and make it the best work you’ve done. Never take a client for granted.

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